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Doctor Blades

While doctor blades may be one of the most inexpensive items of a press run, improperly working doctor blades can be costly. To help maximize performance and efficiency, we offer a range of edge-tip configurations and materials, plus:

  - blades cut to length

  - blade evaluations

  - test samples

  - special packaging (coil or flat pack available)

The various edge tips, blade thickness, angles and materials play a critical role in the equation of consistent print quality. Our team of Flexo Consumables Specialists of Polygraph can help optimize your doctor blade selection. Contact us for your custom configuration.



Standard (STD) doctor blade


A beveled edge shape with a nominal 15° bevel angle. Some inks or cylinder conditions require the more rigid tip for maximum cylinder clean-up that the Standard bevel provides. The thin initial tip of the Standard bevel will provide quick startups and works well for short run work.


Superhoned® (SUP) doctor blade


A beveled edge shape with a nominal 4.5° bevel angle. The long bevel provides effective tip deflection and contact angle control under applied blade loading forces with minimal tip growth as the blade wears.


Superhoned® Plus (SUS) doctor blade


A beveled edge shape with a nominal 2.2° bevel angle. The very long bevel provides the same force control features of the Superhoned® shape with even less tip growth as the blade wears.


Rounded (RND) doctor blade


A rounded edge blade offers a strong, rigid, precision polished working edge, that is not easily damaged, at an economical price. The rounded edge shape is suitable for ceramic anilox rolls that are rough or have fragile cell walls, very abrasive inks, and where maximum anilox clean-up is not required. Rounded edge blades are typically not recommended for gravure applications.


Unhoned (UNH) doctor blade


An unhoned blade has a square edge and is typically used only for backer blade applications.

Flexible Polymer doctor blade


Manufactured from various plastic and composite materials and engineered to an infinite number of size and profile combinations according to performance requirements.

Standard (STD) doctor blade


A plastic beveled edge shape with a nominal 20° - 55° bevel angle depending on material. Provides good tip support and wiping characteristics.

Seal Relief (SLR) doctor blade


The POLYPRO continuous service temperature is 1250° C (2600° F) which makes it suitable for most flexo applications. This inexpensive blade is chemical and solvent resistant and is suitable for water-based applications because it does not absorb water like several other composite blade materials.

Unhoned (UNH) doctor blade


The UNIPRO is an acetal-based blade with a very good heat deflection temperature of 900° C (2000° F). This doctor blade will work for water-based inks as well as alcohol-based inks. The most common thickness used is 0.75 mm (0.030"), in a 22 degree bevel or straight tip configurations.

Precision Steel Edges

Flexible Polymer & Composite Edges

კომპანიის შესახებ

კომპანია პოლიგრაფი დაარსდა 1997 წელს როგორც პოლიგრაფიული ტექნიკის მიწოდების და მომსახურეობის კომპანია.

27 წლის მანძილზე ჩვენ დავაგროვეთ საკმაოდ დიდი გამოცდილება პოლიგრაფიული ტექნიკის მიწოდების და პროექტების შედგენის სფეროში. თქვენ მოგემსახურებათ გამოცდილ პროფესიონალთა ჯგუფი, რომლებიც გაგიწევენ კვალიფიციურ კონსულტაციებს თქვენთვის საინტერესო თემებზე.



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