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Anilox Rolls

Now offering premium anilox rolls with Right Now service.


Understanding the importance of high quality performance required to achieve pressroom success, our partners with Praxair Surface Technologies, offering Proline® and Novaline™ ceramic laser-engraved anilox rolls for narrow web presses.


Combining our extensive knowledge of flexography and Praxair’s product quality, we offer uncompromised high-precision engravings for superior ink release. This delivers greater productivity with guaranteed results for maximized uptime.


Right Now service means:


- 8 day standard shipping on inventory rolls

- Premium products built to exacting specifications providing consistent repeatability

- Technical expertise to match application-specific solutions, resulting in high quality performance


Whether it's a new job or replacing damaged rolls, we know your anilox needs are urgent.

When you want it right and need it now, we’re your partner.



Proline® Series

Exceptional coverage and coating combined with fast cleanup for better productivity



Proline® 60°


suppresses moiré effects and delivers easy ink transfer and uniform cell structure.

Proline® ART™


lays down adhesives, metallics, water-based and UV coating, and white and heavy ink coverage while eliminating pinholing resulting in improved density


Nova™ Gold


developed for high-density printing providing greater transfer rate and higher achievable volumes for screen counts


Nova™ Silver


for solid, screens and text high-density printing


Nova™ UV Gold


ideal for UV ink application delivering high-quality, high-resolution printing with minimized ink spitting


Nova™ ART™ Gold


designed for demanding coatings, specialty materials and varnish applications for smooth solids coverage, improves gloss and reduces pinholing


Novaline™ Series

High-quality laser engraving options designed to let rolls run cleaner longer

კომპანიის შესახებ

კომპანია პოლიგრაფი დაარსდა 1997 წელს როგორც პოლიგრაფიული ტექნიკის მიწოდების და მომსახურეობის კომპანია.

26 წლის მანძილზე ჩვენ დავაგროვეთ საკმაოდ დიდი გამოცდილება პოლიგრაფიული ტექნიკის მიწოდების და პროექტების შედგენის სფეროში. თქვენ მოგემსახურებათ გამოცდილ პროფესიონალთა ჯგუფი, რომლებიც გაგიწევენ კვალიფიციურ კონსულტაციებს თქვენთვის საინტერესო თემებზე.



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